How To Prevent Juvenile Crime in Mississauga

Juvenile crime is a blanket term that refers to any of a number of criminal acts which are perpetrated by minors. While adult crime is typically well understood from a criminal psychology perspective, the range and causes of juvenile offense are a bit more vague in terms of our understanding.

In any case, juvenile felony poses a unique threat and responsibility to society to address and prevent before it can cause devastating consequences.

Some of the most common forms of juvenile misdeeds are vandalism, harassment, drug use and sales, as well as gang related violence and battery.

One should try instead to approach them with sympathy, looking at their difficulties and aspirations, offering them alternative and positive ways to look at their own life, preparing them through education to take responsibility on themselves.

It is certainly easier said than done. However, citizens engaging as a team in such an activity would gain valuable assets, through teaching to problematic youth and their peer groups the respect for the environment and for others’ rights.

Among the gains one can remark:

  • Reduction of criminal conduct in the area,
  • Rescue of marginal or mildly affected youngsters,
  • Reinforcement of their constructive habits,
  • Recovery of valuable individuals formerly lost to society.

Besides that, voluntary initiatives would also:

  • Strengthen ties among neighbors,
  • Form a tightly knit community sharing common values,
  • Provide social value through the education and recovery of drifting youth,
  • Discover and develop special talents and dispositions among the young people.

If approached with proper attitude and sensitivity, youth converted to socially acceptable behavior can become partners in improving their peer hostile mood and in finding ways to win their cooperation.

Is it worthy to spend time and effort in this quite delicate job?

The grim alternative would be to lock every family in a fortress and condemn everyone to live in constant fearful loneliness.

However, if the voluntary citizens team can overcome the difficulties by exercising a pooled effort and by encouraging each other, their effort will be a most useful and valuable contribution to security and well being.

Larger associations will gladly extend their sponsorship to active group of people engaged in prevention of juvenile delinquency by improving the fit of estranged youth into society. Also police and educational authorities will give their help and counsel where needed.